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OHCO M.8 masažinis krėslas – išmanus, inovatyvus, ilgaamžis, atitinkantis preciziškiausius kokybės standartus. Šis analogų neturintis japoniškos inžinerijos išradimas yra daugelio metų tyrimų, bandymų, bekompromisio dėmesio technologinėms detalėms bei dizainui rezultatas.

OHCO M.8 galime vadinti itin aukštos kvalifikacijos masažuotoju-robotu. Didžiausioje pasaulyje vartotojams skirtoje elektronikos parodoje CES 2019, šis masažinis krėslas pelnė metų inovacijos apdovanojimą. Išmaniojoje japoniškoje masažinėje kėdėje susilieja daug rafinuotų aukštųjų technologijų sprendimų.

OHCO M.8 modeliui  masažuojamąsias programas kūrė vienas žymiausių pasaulyje japoniško shiatsu  masažo meistras. Tikslingos ir kryptingos rankų judesių technikos, paspaudimai, prasiskverbimo į kūno audinius gyliai bei kiti raumenų atpalaidavimo subtilumai, pasitelkiant pasaulyje pirmaujančią japonų inžineriją, integruoti į OHCO M.8 masažuojamąjį įrenginį. Šio inovatyvaus gaminio kūrimo procesui skirtas dėmesys ir meistriškumas užtikrina itin kokybišką ir efektyvų masažą, prilygstantį profesionaliam masažavimui rankomis.

OHCO M.8 dizainą kūrė garsus japonų dizaineris Ken Okuyama (dirbęs su Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati ir kt. prekės ženklų produktais), apjungdamas aukščiausius estetikos standartus ir novatoriškas technologines galimybes. M.8 masažiniame krėsle –  pirmą kartą masažo krėslų istorijoje –  Okuyama įkomponavo išskirtinį ergonominį elementą –  šonines įlipimo/išlipimo dureles. Tai –  itin aktuali komforto detalė turintiems nugaros, kelių, klubų skausmus ar viršsvorį. Okuyama estetinio meistriškumo dėka, M.8 taps subtiliu bet kokios stilistikos bei paskirties interjero elementu
Kaina: 8 900 EUR
Nemokamas kvalifikuotas pristatymas ir surinkimas Baltijos šalyse (LIETUVOJE, LATVIJOJE, ESTIJOJE)
Garantija: 3 metai
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Riešuto (RUDA)
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Karamelinė (RUDA)
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Technical Functions And Characteristics

Model Name
Dreamwave M8
12 000, 00 eu
Warranty (for EU costumers)
2 years
Rated Time
30 minutes
Kneading Speed
From 11 times/minute to 35 times/minute
Tapping Speed
From 87 times/minute to 492 times/minute
Up/Down Speed
From 54” (137 cm)/minute to 106” (269 cm)/minute
Back Stroke Range
49” (124 cm)
Preset Sessions
14 sessions
Manual Sessions
9 sessions plus Calf Rollers, Kneading Neck Rollers,
and Foot Rollers
Air Pressure
Approximately 32 kPa
Program Timer
Approximately 18 minutes
Foot Rest Adjustment Range
Approximately 11” (28 cm)
Reclining Angle
Approximately 120° to 160° against flat floor
Chair Dimensions
60” (153 cm) L x 36” (92 cm) W x 49” (125 cm) H
Chair Weight
251 lbs (114 kg)
Seat Width
17.5” (45 cm)
Seat Depth
21” (53 cm)
Outer Cover
Synthetic Leather
Supplied Items
Power cord, T-shaped wrench, cap head
screws, straight pins, cotter pins, channel
covers, aromatherapy accessories, carry
handles, and foot buffer pads
Shipping Dimensions
Box 1: 65” (165 cm) L x 34” (86 cm) W x
36.75” (93 cm) H
Box 2: 57.5” (146 cm) L x 22” (56 cm) W x
24.75” (63 cm) H
Shipping Weight
Box 1: 308 lbs (140 kg), Box 2: 122 lbs (56 kg)
Recommended User Weight
265 lbs (120 kg) (maximum)
Product Description
This beautiful chair will become a stunning feature in any home setting. The Made In Japan DreamWave M.8 has been meticulously built to ensure the highest level of comfort and relaxation, and is sure to impress all who try it, straight from it’s debut at the world’s largest consumer electronics expo – CES 2019, where the M.8 was awarded CES Innovation Award 2019 Honoree.  This is the pinnacle of Japanese massage chairs combining multiple sophisticated elements into one luxury massage chair.
First is the elevated design of renowned Japanese designer Ken Okuyama, integrating visual refinement and ground-breaking capabilities to create an unrivalled and unequalled massage experience – inspired by Okuyama’s automotive roots with luxury vehicles in Porsche, Ferrari and Maserati, the M.8 incorporates rear-swinging doors to deliver a new level of convenience in massage chairs (never before seen).
Second, is the massage movement orchestration and choreography developed by an actual Japanese Shiatsu Master – Sensai Okabayashi.  Although he is a renowned shiatsu master, Sensei Okabayashi still begins his therapeutic sessions with a single, simple touch to discern clients emotions and feel the areas of muscle stiffness and begin to bring the body back into harmony.  It is this intuition that Sensei Okabayashi has brought to the symphony of movement in DreamWave M-Series.  Working with engineers to create an unsurpassed orchestration of touch that brings your whole person into harmony, frees up the body’s healing power, and rejuvenates both mind and muscle.
Third is the collection of exclusive features not found on any other massage chair brand.  Combined, all three are tailored to deliver the rarest of holistic mind and body experiences.
Special Features
Absolute innovation in massage chair history - doors that open. For easy entry and exit. Especialy useful for individuals with limited mobility. The first of it’s kind for any massage chair in the world.
Surrounding arms. Like the hands of masseuse who knows your body intimately, twelve individually controlled air cells embrace each of your arms conducting movements that select from countless of combinations to fit the exact needs of your arms.
TheraElliptical Calf kneading. By combining compression and rotation in a complex movement, the dreamwave M8 creats the perfect emulation of the hands of a massage therapist, enchancing circulation with a powerful yet soothing movement.The gentle pressure of knuckle. The press of a thumb. And circular pulsing – are thesehuman hands behind you? No, you sit in a rejuvenated solitude. How can this combined movement at key points be so precise, so lifelike, so made for your body? Is it how the Max Track follows your back’s contour? How the twelve proprietary air cells of the Arms Embrace know how to release fatigue? Because at every point of therapeutic touch the M8 combines modern engineering with ancient art of Japanese healing to bring the touch of shiatsu master’s hand to life.
Total body heat. Foot, palm, back and seat heat increases relaxation and comfort. Each hit zone can be independently controlled.
Air Ionizer. Located in the head rest, the air ion generator clears dust, dander, spores, and other pollutants from the air.
Shipping Information
Free white glove delivery (only for baltic states). All of our massage chairs come with FREE white glove delivery everywhere in the BALTIC STATES (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia). White Glove delivery includes dispatch of a local two person crew, transfer from the delivery truck to the room of your choice, assembly of the chair, and disposal of boxes and packing materials.

How long does delivery take? Exclusive colours (Saddle, Walnut, Bordeux) allow five months from day of confirmed order for your chair to arrive at your home (after full payment is done.)

I need expedited delivery. We can work with our carriers to accommodate birthday, holiday, and other time-critical deliveries. If you need expedited delivery, please contact us. We can explore delivery options with you and find the one that best suits your needs.

What do I need to be ready for delivery? Have a space ready for the massage chair to be placed. If you are going to be using it on a hard surface, we recommend putting a carpet or mat under the chair to help reduce noise and protect your floor. Upon delivery, please inspect the item thoroughly before the delivery team leaves, and contact us immediately if there is any damage to your massage chair.

How do I report damaged items? Please contact us at info@smartwellness.eu immediately to report any damaged product. The sooner we know about a problem, the faster and better we can resolve it. Please contact us while the delivery team is still at your home. We’ll arrange a swap for chairs damaged beyond repair.

Guarantees and returns for EU customers. You have the right to cancel and return your order within 14 days. In order to return a product, it must be in its unchanged condition with all labels remaining and with no package damage.  In this case, client will be required pay the return shipment costs.

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