Inada Sogno OHCO M8
Massage Chair

It is a highly customizable massage chair with an incredible number of massage options and techniques. INADA SOGNO OHCO M8 massage chair engineers have created the orchestration of touch that brings whole body – mind and muscles – into harmony. At every point of therapeutic touch, this massage chair combines modern engineering with ancient art of Japanese healing to bring the touch of shiatsu masters hand to life.
INADA SOGNO OHCO M8 creates the perfect emulation of the hands of a massage therapist.
The Back Autoscan takes a precise diagnostic of your body. Patented 3D body scanning technology locates shiatsu points and customizes each massage session to your individual profile.
Zero gravity position is a beneficial feature that was inspired by NASA. Massage chair automatically reclines to a 160-degree position, resting you in zero-gravity serenity.
Body stretch feature has therapeutic benefits that soothe pain in the lower back.    
Full upper body massage provides just the right amount of pressure and motion for an ultra-relaxing shiatsu experience.  
Manual control of rollers, in case the chair missed to locate any measure points.
Arm, palm, calf and foot massage. This also helps to boost blood circulation.
Back and seat heat system increases relaxation and comfort. Each heat zone can be independently controlled.
Back vibration mode.
Price: from 350 EUR
Product Quantity: 1-3
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Audio-visual Mental System

Laxman Audio-visual Mental System for modern stress management efficient meditation training and for sleeping disorders. The clinically tested effects combine light and sound to a new experience and inspire your inner world.

The Laxman is intended for all who search for contemporary stress management and who wish to improve their achievement potential efficiently while enjoying an agreeable experience. Because of its scientifically tested modes of action and the fascinating multimedia application, the Laxman can be used in a large number of different business or leisure situations.
Price: from 100 EUR
Product Quantity: 1-3
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Osim Uphoria
Leg Massager

This is the world’s first Tui-Na leg massager. Tui-Na can be considered as a complex healing system, because it does not only work on muscle groups, poor circulation, joints and pain areas, but also targets meridian points.· Different programs that intend to relax, tone the muscles, apply reflexology.  The all-encompassing full-leg massager pampersand rejuvenates tired legs. Featuring a 5-in-1 massage fine-tuned to cater to the legs’ specific needs and aches.   
Price: from 100 EUR
Product Quantity: 1-3
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