Is flat feet just a foot problem? No.

Flat feet is a fairly common complaint and a hot topic of debate in medical circles. While it is often dismissed as just a foot problem, special orthopedic footwear or treatment to correct the arch can also improve issues with the knee, hip, spine or other parts of the musculoskeletal system, according to specialists of the J. Girskis Spine Treatment Centre.


I smell = I feel

Global sales of perfumery products are estimated to reach 40.4 billion USD by 2022. It is clear that perfume is a desirable attribute of modern society – unusually immaterial, difficult to perceive, ephemeral... Why is pampering the sense of smell so important today, yesterday and far back in time? What profound effects do aromas have on the human body?

Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.

John Maeda

Hello, healthy home!

We have long since replaced incandescent light bulbs with LED ones, plastic bags with organic cotton bags and baskets, and unnatural fibre bedding with natural fabrics. Instead of household chemicals, we use more and more natural cleaners, we replaced sponges with loofahs, everything seems to be sparkling clean and orderly. But sometimes the home environment can be as toxic as if you were breathing with a plastic bag over your head... Why?


The sun. A vitamin or a poison?

Sunlight has a positive effect on a person's health, well-being and performance, but it can also cause a wide range of skin problems, from mild flushing to cancer, and often provokes sun allergies or photodermatoses.


Smart wellness clothing  – from myth to reality?

Clearly, it is no longer enough for everyday clothes to be comfortable, pleasant to wear, to express one's personality or to meet prevailing aesthetic standards. It faces new challenges — tracking bodily activity, recording changes, and archiving health information. In some cases, it can also be used to promote health, alert, or call for help.


Tattoo – a scar on your skin and body

A tattoo is a temporary or permanent drawing on the body, depending on the methods and means used. In the past, tattoos were used to mark social status, kinship, and maturity in various nations. Now they are an aesthetic means of self-expression, an adornment of the body with a symbolic meaning. But if this decorative solution eventually becomes boring, what if the values it represented change? Unfortunately, this is just one of the drawbacks of tattoos.


Diagnosis – highly sensitive person

Do you have strong emotional experiences and often feel emotionally exhausted? Consider yourself to have a rich and complex inner world? Pay close attention to detail? Experience the feelings and moods of others? Feel particularly vulnerable when you see aggression? Have sensitivity to certain substances (medicines, alcohol, coffee, etc.)? Find it difficult to stay out of conflict situations? Find it difficult to set boundaries and say “no”? Have a high level of self-criticism, finding it difficult to accept your mistakes? Often prefer to spend time alone to rest and restore your emotional energy?

wellness products



Itching: between reality and illusion

The itching sensation develops in the brain: when scratching the opioids are released, which causes a brief feeling of pleasure, but also increases the itching. It appears that itching bothers at least a third of the population once a week. Explore the link between itching and psyche!


Goodnight, kids, and parents

According to World Health Organisation, sleep is one of the essential conditions for a healthy lifestyle. It is a vital human function to restore depleted energy, to reload the body. It is a proven fact that sleep is vital. In this article, together with Evelina Pajėdiene, a neurologist, sleep specialist, member of the World Sleep Society, we will explore the peculiarities of children's sleep and will try to find the answer to an unsettling parenting question: why kids do not want to go to sleep as if it was the biggest punishment of the day?


An (un)healthy clothing recipe

The skin is the largest human organ, with thousands of pores and hair follicles on its surface, through which the body breathes, absorbs moisture, releases sweat, and protects itself from dust and bacteria. So, as we increasingly wonder today about the ingredients of our daily food, we should consider the fabrics that we put on our bodies as well.


Dermatology by motion

Hopefully, during this pandemic isolation period, people find more time for their physical and beauty routines. This time we focus on targeted muscle movements that have a dermatological effect on human facial features. Instead of buying new cosmetic serum, magic supplement, or visiting a cosmetologist, motion dermatology inspires beauty and health achieved through targeted exercises.


Swimming from a medical point of view

There is a widespread myth in society that swimming is an unconditionally beneficial physical activity or even a cure for back pain. Often people exhausted by their spinal problems dive into the pool hoping to help themselves. It's hard to believe that swimming can be one of the most harmful sports. Why?


Spinal disc herniation: just a tip of an iceberg

Herniation of the intervertebral disc of the spine is a health problem wrapped in legends. It is important to understand that a disc herniation is not a disease, but only the consequence of certain musculoskeletal disorders, and therefore is only the tip of a slippery iceberg.


The nerve that calms you down

It is responsible for the harmonious functioning of many internal organs. It can calm the body down from physical or psychological stress. It gives the "butterfly effect" in our stomachs. None of our bodies would do without it, but, interestingly, some of you will hear this name for the first time – vagus nerve (also known as wandering nerve).


Getting to know yourself from the nucleus of a cell

Today, we can buy a wide variety of products online, as well – DNA testing. Which road to choose to know your 23 chromosome pairs - to register with a geneticist or buy a DNA test online with a few clicks of a button? Only you know the answer because your goal dictates the road.


Learn to manage your anxiety

During these past few years, anxiety became one of the main conditions prevailing in our society. There are several anxiety management methods, practiced by doctors, philosophers, and researchers of the human body. Many of these methods have been effectively applied for decades. Are you searching for ways to manage your anxiety?


Am I ready to exercise? (Part II)

Physical activity is vital to every human being, but on the other hand, it can also cause injuries. Physical exercise just like any prescription drug – can be harmful or cause side effects. That is why you need to ask yourself: "Am I ready to exercise?"


Muscle relief: find your own way

Today there are plenty of ways, tools, and tips to relax your muscles. These include muscle stretching exercises, hand massage, massagers for individual body segments, massage rollers, heating pads, massage vacuum cups. Too many choices? Let us help you to correctly navigate muscle rehabilitation.


Am I ready to exercise? (Part I)

It is generally accepted that exercising is healthy. However, sometimes sports can be harmful. So, keep in mind, before engaging in any intense physical activity, you must get your musculoskeletal system evaluated.


Healthy sitting – mission possible?

The invention of a chair and the wheel fundamentally changed human lives, but in addition to the obvious benefits it also caused some damage – it became an enemy of the human natural movement bringing a lot of confusion to the biomechanics of the body. Today we are looking for new ways to sit, the internet is loaded with various products and tips, and yet, how should we sit?


Pregnancy: prepare your body

Pregnancy is a massive test for a woman's body. During pregnancy, your weakest points will most likely become apparent. So, ideally, you should prepare your body in advance for this challenge. How do you do that? Well, keep on reading. 


Long sitting hours - how to stay healthy?

Sitting at work for long hours, in front of a computer, and performing the same movements over and over again, eventually will cause pain and serious damage to the musculoskeletal system. Why? Because your body needs movement, balance, and variety.


Is yoga a good fit for everyone?

Human biomechanics have been programmed into humans as early as the era of Neanderthals and Australopithecines, when yoga was not even around! Today many of yoga practitioners do not take into consideration the genetically programmed biomechanics of the human body.  According to Spine treatment centre professionals, to stay healthy, everyone must keep biomechanical physiology intact.

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